Customer Testimonial...
"When I try to find the words to say thank you, there are not enough.  The quilt is more than special for so many reasons.  Thank your, Trish, for your beautiful workmanship."
~MJZ, Ohio

Why Choose Jersey Girls?

We Care About Your Memories – We understand and respect that your memories are very special and personal. At Jersey Girl we do everything possible to make a quilt that is both true to your memories and you by including you in every step of the process.

Customer Service – We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service from the first phone call through the delivery of your quilt. Our goal is to make the experience of designing your quilt as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

T Shirts and More -T Shirt Quilts are made from much more than just T Shirts. We can use just about anything in your quilt including ties, patches, all different sizes & styles of shirts, uniforms and other pieces of clothing. We believe these to be Memory Quilts, not simply T Shirt Quilts. Our memories are made up of many different things and we hope your quilts can be too.

Design - At Jersey Girl you can design the quilt your way. By using photos and emails you are involved in every step of the production, from the layout of the shirts to the choice of fabrics and quilting design.

Fabric – Many companies give you limited choices of fabrics and colors or make you send them your own fabric if you want something special. We give you unlimited fabrics options including colors and designs. We do not stock fabric we purchase your fabric when you design your quilt. We don’t make you shop for your own fabric if you want something special we do the shopping for you. We don’t overwhelm you with fabric choices. Instead we give you 2 to 3 options that fit your quilt design allowing you to make the quilt your own.

Stabilizing Shirts – We use only quality Tricot in our quilts to stabilize the shirts and reinforce those shirts that have been truly “loved” prior to being put in the quilt. This stops the shirts from stretching and keeps them soft not stiff. Many other companies use cheaper, stiffer stabilizer or no stabilizer at all.

Quilting - A lot of quilting companies simply tie their products. Our quilts are entirely quilted. Instead of just offering a few designs, as most companies do, we offer unlimited quilting design options. We usually email you two to four design options for your approval so you can choose a design that fits the theme of your quilt.

– We are very competitive in our pricing. We do more to make your quilt a quality product such as using the tricot on each T Shirt and giving you an unlimited variety of fabrics and quilting patterns. We feel the extra attention to details is worth it.