Customer Testimonial...
“The throw is just so gorgeous. It is easy to tell that you go above and beyond just making a quilt. You add those extra details that we would not have known about to make something exquiste! Thank you so much. Hannah was still jumping with glee when we arrived home.” 
~CM Florida

Quilting Services

We are no longer offering these quilting services.  
We appologize for the inconvenience.

We provide quality quilting services on our Gammill Statler Stitcher Long Arm Machine. Since we have hundreds of designs for you to choose from, we are unable to show them all on the website. If you let us know the kind of design you would like, we can work with you in creating your own unique quilt. After seeing your quilt and discussing your ideas, we would be happy to email you some choices so you can make the final decisions on your quilt design. Since we are quilters ourselves, we know you have taken great care in making your quilts and we will take great care in finishing them for you.

Pricing for Quilting Services

Edge to Edge - Quilting pattern is done over the entire quilt - 3 cents/square inch (Minimum of $30.00)
To figure out fee for service multiply length x width x .03.

Custom Quilting -

5 cents/square inch for borders and dropping a basic design in each square. (Minimum of $50.00)To figure out fee for service multiply length x width x .05

6 cents/square inch for quilts with a lot of custom design work. This fee is applied to any quilt that has beads, buttons, loose embroidery areas and tucks of fabric in the design that are loose. These quilts cannot be done except in the custom mode as all these areas must be carefully watched and avoided to prevent damage to the quilt. (Minimum of $65.00) To figure out fee for service multiply length x width x .06

Binding -

We use double folded fabric binding that is hand stitched to the back with an invisible stitch.

Attaching of binding you made to quilt

15 cents a linear inch, for sewing the binding on the front and you stitch the back yourself. ($20.00 minimum)

Attaching of binding that you have made and stitching it to the back.

30 cents a linear inch, for putting the binding on and securing it to the back. ($30.00 minimum)

Making of binding to put on quilt.

30 cents a linear inch to make a binding. If you don't have the binding made and want us to make it for you. You must supply us with at least a half yard of the fabric you want for the binding. We cut our bindings 2.5 inches. We will send back with the quilt any fabric not used. ($30.00 minimum)

Additional Fees

$20.00 for all quilts needing to be washed before quilting. Please make sure all quilts are free of odors, stains and animal hair.

$15.00 for preparing the backing. $25.00 for preparing backings for Queen and King size quilts. If you only send the fabric and have not prepared it to go on the machine we will sew it together and iron for quilting. This prep fee is also charged if your quilt is extremely wrinkled and needs to be pressed before being placed on the machine or has alot of threads hanging that need to be cut off before quilting.

Preparing a quilt for being Quilted

Make sure all quilt tops are clean. This means they should be free of all odors and stains.

Make sure all hanging threads are cut off. Quilt top and back need to be free of all threads as they could bunch up and have an effect on the needle going through the fabric. Any threads hanging on the back could show through the quilt once it is quilted ruining the look of the quilt.

Make sure the backing is at least 6 inches bigger in length and width from the top of the quilt. This is needed for mounting it to the machine and having enough backing when the top is quilted on and stretched out correctly. If backing needs to be sewn together we will do it for a fee. See above.

Mark Top of the Front and Back of Quilt with a safety pin so we know which way you want the quilt laid out.

Make sure quilt is put together properly. There can be no loose seams, ragged edges, or quilt tops that are out of shape with lots of bubbles and uneven borders. If we receive a quilt that we feel we cannot quilt to our standards we will decline doing it and return it to you at your cost.