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Pro Sports & Hobbies

We make quilts for all sports fanatics, helping them cheer on their favorite teams! Any sports team's colors, including those of football, baseball, soccer, hockey and NASCAR teams can be incorporated. Alternatively, we can turn your favorite hobbies, such as golf, tennis, or railroading into an attractive and colorful custom quilt. We will work with you to make a quilt that represents the passion and memories of your favorite sports team, event or the special someone you shared a memorable sports moment with.

Sports quilts can be made from T-Shirts collected over the years or fabrics of the teams and their colors. If you would like a T-Shirt Quilt made from all your shirts/sweatshirts, please refer to T-Shirts for the corresponding information. If you don't have T-Shirts or would prefer not to part with them, we can make your sports quilt out of fabric that represents your sports preferences. Jersey Girl Quilts does not have a license to use or create logos for sports teams, so we are unable to place the team logo on our quilts.  However, we can include team names on the quilts through use of licensed and novelty fabrics. Below are examples of the quilt designs you can choose from. The center of each of these quilts will be used to showcase your favorite team or hobby with color appropriate, licensed, or novelty fabrics. Please feel free to contact us about your favorite team and how we can craft a custom sports or hobby quilt for you or a loved one!

Nine Patch Square

Snowball 1

Snowball 2

Measures approximately 74" x 97" Measures approximately 74" x 97" Measures approximately 62" x 82"
If you would like to see some more quilt designs, please refer to High School & College or Greek Quilts.

Don't forget that you can request any quilt pattern on the website for your quilt. If you prefer another design than what is presented just ask. Any of the quilts can be made the size you want and with the appropriate fabric for your theme and age group. The pricing will be modified to fit the size and design requested.