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Memory Quilts

Clothing from your loved ones can be made into beautiful memory quilts. These quilts can be crafted out of a variety of clothing including uniforms, suits, ties, shirts, blouses, dresses and pants. These articles of clothing can be cut into fabric swatches and used as integral pieces of a quilt. If you only have a few garments, we can add regular fabrics in corresponding colors and prints to supplement what you have. Discounts are offered on multiple quilts being made from the same set of clothes and embroidery can be added to your quilt for an extra fee.

Memory quilts take more time to create than other quilts due to the vast amount of cutting required to make fabric out of the clothes. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your quilt to be completed.

Please choose your preferred quilt from one of the designs below. Keep in mind that you are only selecting the design of your quilt. Your quilt will look different depending on the colors, prints and construction of the clothes you give us. Clothes made from women's and children's clothes will be brighter in tone than quilts made from men's clothes. Try to choose clothes that vary in color. If you aren't sure which garments to use, please send us a large variety and we will send back what we don't use.

Memory quilts are available in two sizes. If you don't have enough clothes, we will need to supplement with fabric to make the quilt into the size you want. If you want your quilt constructed completely of clothes, you must choose a size consistent with the number of garments you have.

Memory Lap Quilts are approximately 60" x 70"

Memory Twin Quilts are approximately 70" x 90"

Modified Rail Fence Quilt

Cross Block Quilt

Random Stripe Quilt

Signature Quilt

Signature quilts are given as a gift to people who are retiring, moving, having a big anniversary or wedding and would like to remember those who shared special memories with them. The blocks used in the middle area are big enough to sign your name and a message, quote or religious verse. Couples can sign in the same block, which helps to save space. This is the smallest size available, but we can add blocks in 4 or 5 block increments to make it as big as you need. As with all our quilts, you will choose the color combination you prefer.

How a Signature Quilt is Made

We will send you the signature block pieces for the number of blocks you want in your quilt with some extras in case of mistakes, as well as the signature pens.  When you have collected all the signatures you'd like to have in your quilt, send them back to us and we will put the quilt together for you.  We don't make the quilt ahead of time in case someone messes up a block, thus ruining the look of the quilt.




Don't forget that you can request any quilt pattern on the website for your quilt. If you prefer another design than what is presented just ask. Any of the quilts can be made the size you want and with the appropriate fabric for your theme and age group. The pricing will be modified to fit the size and design requested.